Policies and Procedures

You will need to complete the necessary health records and enrollment forms for your child to attend Rainbow Montessori Learning Center, which are required by State regulations to ensure that students are safe. In addition to filling out these forms, it is important to review and be aware of our standard policies, which include authorized pick-ups for your children, tuition and billing, and administration of medication and treatment of illness for your child.

Child Pick Ups

We maintain a database of the names, addresses, and phone numbers for those who are authorized to pick up your child in the case of an emergency. If any changes to this list need to be made, it is important that you contact our staff  to provide this information. Without adequate documentation (driver’s license, passport, etc), your child will not be released.

Emergency Drills

To ensure the safety of your child, emergency drills, such as fire drills, tornado warnings, etc. are performed periodically. Rainbow Montessori Learning Center does have a modern fire alarm system and an appropriate number of fire extinguishers located throughout the building in the event of a potential emergency.

Tuition & Billing

The tuition and billing at Rainbow Montessori Learning Center is determined by what type of program your child is enrolled in. For additional information about program specific costs and when tuition needs to be paid, please contact our staff, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Illness & Medications

Out of respect and consideration to the other students and faculty, we do ask that if your child is sick or has a fever, that they remain at home for at least 24 hours after their symptoms have gone away. If your child becomes ill at school, our staff will contact you or an authorized person to pick up your child.

If possible, we do ask that your child be picked up within one hour of us contacting you. As a reminder, we will not release your child to anyone who has not been put on the approved list, so it is important to keep your authorization form updated.

In the event that your child is exposed to a serious disease, or should a special situation occur at our school that has any potential harmful effect to your child’s health, we will inform you immediately.

Medication for you child can be dispensed, provided we have a signed medication authorization form allowing us to do so. If this medication is needed regularly, we do require that this form be updated weekly. If administering medication to your child, the medication must be in the original container with the child’s full name written on the label. Medication that is to be administered must be provided by the parent to the school and not the child.

Injuries & Emergencies

At Rainbow Montessori Learning Center, we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure your child’s safety; however, accidents do occur, so it is important to be aware of our response to unexpected circumstances. In the unlikely event that an injury or serious accident should occur, we will contact you immediately. If we are not able to reach you, the person you have selected on your enrollment form for making medical decisions for your child will be contacted.

If neither you nor the authorized person can be reached, we will transport your child to the nearest hospital and follow the recommendation of the attending physician. A member of our staff will stay with your child until you are able to be reached. You will be provided with an accident report following the incident.

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